Bruno Kruse &NYU Shanghai

Bruno Kruseis an interaction designerand game developerfrom New York who worked on Biomodd [NYC4] at the New York Hall of Science in 2012. Currently he is working as a research fellow atNYUShanghai,andkick started a new Biomodd art project there.

Local designers, architects and students from Shanghai will build a Biomodd installation inspired by local Chinese aesthetics and concerns. China has a fascinating DIY culture and history in hardware hacking and electronics. The goal is to reach out and work with existing communities to offer workshops in DIY computing, sensor making, and gaming.

To combine technology with local culture, the new team wants to use materials like bamboo, and other plants and materials native to China.


The overall focus of this Biomodd version will be real-time data streaming and air quality, a big issue in Shanghai. Open-source hardware and software solutions will monitor the status of the installation, and will make data publicly available for others to build upon and learn from. More updates soon on theBiomodd.netcommunity site.