Autodesk University 2014

During Autodesk University 2014 in Las Vegas Angelo gave a Seeker workshop. A space station module mockup was hacked and transformed together with high school students from the Foundation in Los Angeles and conference visitors. The station’s architecture was extended using surplus materials from the conference such as wooden pallets, cardboard tubes and plastic sheeting.


Upcycled computers were installed and connected with a miniature ecosystem of air-purifying plants. Using the principles of the Biomodd projects, heat from the computer electronics was used to increase the temperature of a prototype greenhouse. The walls and sides of the station were used by workshop participants and visitors to draw sketches and share ideas.



During his keynote, Angelo outlined his current PhD research on starship design at TU Delft. He also elaborated on his bottom-up design strategies, and shared valuable lessons learned from the Seeker workshop at AU 2014.