Angelo Vermeulen | Seeker


Seeker is a starship sculpture design and construction project that experiments with technological, ecological and social systems to rethink the future of human habitation and survival. Seeker is primary a community project that uses a methodology of co-creation, in which participants must build self-sustainable systems simulating interstellar exploration.

Seeker is an itinerant project that is always searching for new groups of participants. By integrating local culture and addressing local issues, the project takes a unique shape in each location where it is being developed. Using the metaphor of the starship allows one to completely rethink how people envision their place both on Earth and in the Universe. Ideally, Seeker becomes a structure that can actually be inhabited by a crew to carry out simulation missions. As such it can function as a temporal space for dialogue, performance and experimentation. Seeker has been built in Belgium, the Netherlands and Slovenia, with new versions currently in pre-production in Kosovo, Chile and Peru.