TED2010 Tweet archive 1/3

Submitted on March 29, 2010, 10:36 am

I’m posting my whole archive of all the TED-related Tweets that I sent out during and after the TED2010 conference in Long Beach, CA in February. Essentially importing microblogging back into regular blogging. Obviously, I couldn’t attend every single TED talk, so this overview is by no means exhaustive. But it nevertheless contains a valuable set of new ideas, developments, evolutions with concrete links. This is the first of three planned posts. The hours are a little off - as so often in Twitter and Facebook - but the dates are correct. 

Arrived in Long Beach for TED2010. Recovering in my hotel room after a 15hr trip. Will be Twittering throughout the event. 12:19 AM Feb 8th via web 

TED2010: TED Fellows pre-conference starts now, and lasts until Tuesday. Official opening of the main TED2010 conference is Tuesday night. 2:19 AM Feb 8th via web 

TED2010: First dinner with all new and senior TED Fellows. Amazing bunch of people from many different parts of the world. Great food too. 6:56 AM Feb 8th via web 

TED2010: Getting up at 7am. A packed day for TED Fellows: presentation rehearsals & a presentation workshop by Doug Neff http://url.ie/4ye5 4:09 PM Feb 8th via web

TED2010: Glad I practiced my short talk. Improving visuals now. Finally saw projects from my fellow Fellows. Will Twitter about that later.. 2:54 AM Feb 9th via web

TED2010: TED Fellows talk successfully completed. TED U begins w/ presentation by Michael Martin abt tornadoes. Cocktail party & gala later. 1:10 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Great talk by Catherine Mohr abt consumption and 'embodied energy'. How to construct a real green house w/ a low energy footprint? 1:15 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Check http://www.301monroe.com for useful tips and calculations to build that green house. 1:18 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Felix Kramer on throwing away your sneakers and going back to barefoot running. Bad news for Nike & co. http://url.ie/4z71 1:24 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Daniel Kraft about the future of medicine. Interesting cyborg-related stuff. But way too fast and way too much for a 5 minute talk. 1:31 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: More credible talk abt evolution of medicine by Kevin Stone. Biological, not bionic joint replacement. Animal tissue to the rescue. 1:45 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Mindblowing 3D visualization about melanocytes and melanoma by David Bolinsky. 1:46 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Senior Fellow Frederick Balagadde talks about his 'microchemostat chip', essentially a medical lab on a chip http://url.ie/4z7t 3:42 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Jessica Green abt the ubiquitous presence of microbial ecosystems - on our bodies. Jonathan Drori w/ beautiful images of pollen. 3:44 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Brazilian Juliana Machado Ferreira about the necessity of (molecular) wildlife forensics to bring captured fauna back to nature. 3:46 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: A great quote I borrowed from Manu Prakash' talk: "Information is physical" - R. Landauer. Useful for my Corrupted C#n#m# project. 3:52 AM Feb 10th via web

TED2010 Janet Baker on knowledge engineering in the brain. The old dream of relating brains to computers. Not entirely sure about that. 5:50 PM Feb 10th via web

TED2010 Rob Cook criticizing the idea of singularity in which machines will become self-aware and replace humans (Vernor Vinge). Good call. 5:53 PM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Ted Fellow and violinist Robert Gupta captures the whole audience with his powerful story about the healing qualities of music. 6:01 PM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Danny Sullivan on how to get into the top 10 on Google: improve title tags & page titles, avoid Flash issues, and add links. 6:21 PM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Great sharp presentation by Derek Sivers on how to start a movement. Leadership is overestimated. The first follower is key. 6:39 PM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Margaret Stewart on how to squeeze most money out of the mash-up media culture. Oh, sometimes Sony 'allows' people to use music. 6:41 PM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Tom Wujec on the Marshmallow Challenge: prototype building + specialized and facilitation skills boost collaborative design most. 6:54 PM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Another fascinating talk by fellow Fellow Manu Prakash. How water-striding insects actually never touch the water surface. 7:09 PM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy on the next generation of.. suicide bombers. How the Taliban perfected the brainwashing of children. 7:11 PM Feb 10th via web

TED2010: Doug Randall on crowdsourcing & data collection in war zones. Data is not always the answer. Inquire & work w/ the crowd's opinion. 7:23 PM Feb 10th via web

#TED: Bumping into Paul Simon, David Byrne and Will Smith. A terrific on-stage message from Jamie Oliver. And a mini concert by Sheryl Crow. 4:55 AM Feb 11th via web

#TED Next tweets: overview of interesting stuff from the main stage yesterday. And more. 6:49 PM Feb 11th via web

#TED Daniel Kahneman on behavioral economics. How the ending of an experience determines memory, much more than the actual experience. 7:03 PM Feb 11th via web

#TED Speech by almost(?) Prime Minister David Cameron from London. Stomach turned. Web 2.0 turned into neoliberal ideology. People power? My *ss. 7:40 PM Feb 11th via web